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Refined flavors with Halkidiki products

Rise and shine! At the SYMPOSION main restaurant you will enjoy a rich breakfast from the buffet with fried eggs and omelets, sausages and bacon, a variety of cold cuts and cheeses, cereals, pies or pastries, honey, jams and yogurts. and other delicacies. Flavored coffee of your choice, tea, juices, fresh fruit and sweets, complete with the best way your first meal of the day.

SYMPOSION's breakfast buffet is also certified with the "GREEK BREAKFAST" certificate by the Hotel Chamber of Greece. So what would you say about a Greek coffee roasted on ember, a delicious rice pudding or local traditional sausages to accompany the fresh eggs?

The culinary delights that take off your palates continue throughout the day, with lunch and dinner buffet.

The chef at PHILOXENIA HOTEL and his team cook fresh, local, organic products, using Halkidiki's virgin olive oil and collecting herbs from the hotel's gardens, meat, vegetables and fruits from suppliers, fresh fish which have been caught by local fishermen.

The kitchens get 'fire', the ladles mix the fresh ingredients, the art, the love and the passion are in harmony, and the result takes you off!

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