ISO 14001: 2004
A key success factor of Philoxenia Bungalows is the high quality of the offered services, fully respecting the natural environment. The diptych constitutes the core of the environmental policy of the company, and a key element of strategic planning. Since the beginning of the season of 2014 began to implement a comprehensive Environmental Management System and in August 2014 was certified by the internationally recognized standard ISO 14001: 2004, which is based on the methodology of 'design -implement - control - improve'. An important aspect of environmental policy are the actions of waste separation and recycling them (plastic, metal, paper, batteries), as well as reuse (cooking oil), while the company ensures that the procurement of supplies and cleaning products to be special, friendly environment. Finally, Philoxenia Bungalows seeks to promote pro-environmental culture and encouraging customers to participate in a considerable effort to protect the natural environment and sustainable development.
Solar Panels
Recycle of Glass
Recycle of Plastik
Oil Recycle
Battery Recycle
Detergents Environmental Friendly
Bulbs Recycle