Awards of Philoxenia
The Thomas Cook Group one of the leading companies in the tourism industry awards quality awards to hotels that have performed above average and is the best hotel in their category for a specific destination. Evaluations are based on very clear criteria with particular emphasis on the opinions of customers on services, hospitality, cleanliness and value for money. Philoxenia Bungalows has received, and still receives, excellent comments from its customers, with a low ratio of complaints and above average, listing online reputation.
“You are amongst those hotels in our portfolio which, in co-operation with us, have worked hard to provide our common customers with the best service and quality.”
As a reward to all that Philoxenia Bungalows was awarded the quality seal "Proven Quality" of Thomas Cook Group for summer 2015. Congratulations to the entire team of Philoxenia Bungalows for continuous effort and thank Thomas Cook, for this distinction.