Philoxenia complex is situated at the beginning point
of Sithonia peninsula, in the settlement Psakoudia.
Just one hour from Thessaloniki, inside a pine forest,
just 150
meters from the sea, a modern manufacturing complex
bungalows sets you for calm holidays with quick
excursions to nearby areas.

The green of pines blends with the deep blue sea and sky,
a picture of incomparable natural beauty.

Location Distances Time Taxi charge
Beach 150m 7 min ---
Poligiros 21km 21 min 25€
N.Moudania 22km 24 min 25€
Thessaloniki 80 km 1 h 10 min 70€
FYROM 280 km 3 h 24 min ---
Airport (Thessaloniki) 70 km 50min 80€
Kulata, Bulgaria 210 km 2 h 33 min ---