Perhaps, the most fascinating experience for the visitor of Halkidiki is the tour of Saint Terms (Mount Athos) that is done by cruise ships . The Petralona Cave (Speleon), where the first man was discovered (homo sapiens) is found in distance, 40 kilometres from the hotel. The tour there constitutes an unusual adventure.
Because of its locality, Philoxenia is advisable for walks. About 20 kilometres away from the hotel, are three peripatetic ways for those who enjoy walking. For the fans of diving, there is a Diving Center just 200m from the hotel. Golf, fishing, biking, beach volley and many other activities that are organized nearby, revitalize or relax the guests. At 30km from the hotel, specifically at Porto Carras, there is an 18 holes golf court, which can facilitate both amateur and professional games. Just north from Psakoudia in Ormylia (in 7km), many come to visit the Convent of the Annunciation. This convent houses over 100 nuns from around the world that dedicate their time to medical research. The Church in Ormylia and the one in Vatopedi are also great to visit.